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Our client is a leading Financial Services company who is going through growth and transformation.

The Digital part of the Business is looking for a Tech savvy marketer to join the team.

Role Purpose /Background/Nature of Work    Role is the owner of company’s all public accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and in charge of developing & managing company’s online & social community. The community includes everyone interacting with or acting on behalf of the company & the brand in social space. They can be social influencers, fans, followers, business partners or end customers.     As the strong pillar to deliver a brand that loved by customers with viral mobile products & service, work with stakeholders to develop company’s social media and community strategy;  Develop social media protocol and guideline for specific company functions, e.g. marketing, customer service, HR; and for different levels of employees, e.g. senior leaders and general employees; Develop and own roadmap to build company’s social and online community;  Develop and manage App Store and Google Play rating improvement program;  Working closely with marketing and branding stakeholders to decide social influencers / micro influencers or other brand advocates at social space and manage commercials & relationships with them;  Drive engagement and virality of the brand with focus on mobile products & services in social and community space; Decide and own social media management platforms / social listening tools; manage the implementation and training with cross-functional teams involved in social touch points management, e.g. marketing, customer services, CX etc; Manage a team as the first point of contact within social media community to support to members in the community; Monitor social listening on day to day basis, trigger escalation and manage social disaster recovery processes with support from external professionals (e.g. PR firm) when necessary;  Collaborate with marketing and branding stakeholders in strategic plan and deliver social media campaigns accordingly.       Resource Complexity   Manage a small direct team with 2-3 experts in social media and community management; Manage cross-functional social media & community task forces for various purpose, e.g. customer service, marketing campaign etc.  Manage social media platforms, listening tools, CRMs / content management tools etc.   Manage public relations in social space;  Manage social influencers, bloggers, 3rd party social platforms or partners;   Manage vendors and agencies;  Manage senior stakeholders when necessary.      Problem Solving  Strong problem-solving skill with the ability to deliver right message within short time frame, particularly when react to negative social post or in public relationship disaster;  Quick in planning actions, getting stakeholders aligned and getting through company’s complex compliance decision making process; Make decisions in when, what and how to communicate at social space; decide when and what to escalate to senior stakeholders, e.g. Chief Digital Officer, CEO, Chairman etc.        Timeframe for decision making   Develop company social media strategy in 1 months after company overall brand strategy is confirmed;  Develop company social media protocol and guideline in 1 month (post joining); Develop initial community management plan 1 month (post joining); Develop App Store and Google Play rating improvement program in 2 months (post joining); Decisions on day to day social management are case by case, can be immediate or within 24 hours;     Change  Establish social media & community management practice almost from ground zero in the company; Drive social friendly culture among employees;   Adapt social media best practice from other industries to regulated industry, e.g. tech firms, startups and FMCG.     Internal Network   Company business teams, marketing, branding, customer service teams;  Senior stakeholders, e.g. chairman, CEO, SLTs;  Risk, compliance & legal teams.    External Network   Customers & business partners; Social influencers, bloggers;  General public;  Other social media platforms, e.g. Hardware Zone;  PR firm / marketing agencies.       Risk Management and Governance     Promote good risk management culture, governance, and oversight relevant to my role and my business function(s) Responsible to own, identify, measure, manage, and report risks and controls relevant to my role and my business function(s), in accordance with Aviva’s Risk Management Framework. This includes timely resolution of control gaps and escalation of key issues at the relevant committees. Ensure that policies, processes and authority limits are updated, communicated and observed within my business functions(s).  Exceptions are promptly dealt with and authorised by the appropriate level of management or the Board Ensure appropriate levels of skills and experience within the team to carry out the business functions and that the Compliance Liaison Officer within the business function is given sufficient support  Ensure compliance with applicable regulations in Singapore, including but not limited to those issued by the MAS and the Group business standards and policies        
Education Qualifications  Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication or English Literature;      Required Capability:   >5 years of experiences in marketing, communication, PR,  social media or communication management roles;  Social Media Marketing or PR / social media agency experience, with strong communication skill and ability to develop the right voice for each social media platform and in different situations  Experience in strategy and planning, e.g. developing social media strategies, marketing plan, branding positioning etc.   Proven ability to build social media communities with experience in working with social influencers / bloggers; Good understanding of consumer behaviours, public psychology with excellent EQ and interpersonal skills;  Experienced in content / copy writing and curation in English; Tech savvy with good understanding of social media platforms, listening tools, CRMs / content management tools etc.   

Interested candidate, kindly submit your resume to

EA Reg no : R1110670

Company Reg No.: 201131609D

Licence No.: 11C4684

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